Arena 2019 Signature Collection

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  1. Arena Limited Edition Gregorio Paltrinieri Herren Short Sleeve Top

    Spesialpris kr 257,88 Vanlig pris kr 363,43
  2. Arena Begrenset Opplag Gregorio Paltrinieri Junior Powerskin ST 2.0 Knedrakte

    Spesialpris kr 644,88 Vanlig pris kr 1 090,52
  3. Arena Begrenset Opplag Gregorio Paltrinieri Carbon Flex VX Knedrakte

    Spesialpris kr 3 048,98 Vanlig pris kr 4 972,26
  4. Arena Begrenset Opplag Gregorio Paltrinieri Jenter Accelerate Back Svømmedrakt

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  5. Arena Begrenset Opplag Katinka Hosszu Carbon Flex VX Knedrakte

    Spesialpris kr 3 048,98 Vanlig pris kr 4 690,81
  6. Arena Begrenset Opplag Gregorio Paltrinieri Menn Svømmeshort

    Spesialpris kr 304,79 Vanlig pris kr 410,34

6 Items

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  • Arena Signature Collection
  • Arena Signature Collection



    Adam's signature is the lion - to represent his strength in the water and the pride he brings to his home nation of England. This design also expands upon his famous shoulder tattoo, to symbolise a fierce competitor and highlight his position at the very top of the swimming food chain.



    Sarah's signature is the eagle - an obvious choice given her prominence as one of the best fly swimmers in the world. Her competitors fall away as she spreads her wings and dominates in the pool. The gold design stands out on a black background to represent her incredible success.



    Katinka's signature is Iron - this embodies her success in the long course swimming along with her passion and steely determination that made her a champion in these events. The design is an iron encased body shape to reinforce her moniker of the Iron Lady.



    Gregorio's signatures is the dragon - to showcase valour, perseverance and strength. Gregorio utilises each of these characteristics in the pool and they have helped him set fire to long and short course records on his way to becoming a champion.

Using design inspiration from Adam Peaty, Sarah Sjöström, Gregorio Paltrinieri and Katinka Hosszú; Arena have created the Signature Collection including racing swimwear and training swimwear, and accessories. The latest collection of Arena products are inspired by the olympians and allow swimmers to wear the designs of their heroes.

The "Signature Collection" is a limited edition swimwear range, with the highlight being the competitive race suits. These are available in mens and boys jammers or womens and girls kneeskins. The adult range is constructed using Arena's established Flex VX swimwear technology, which is perfect for elite adult racing. The junior racing swim suits are Arena's highly popular ST2.0, with some fantastic limited edition designs. The junior suits have a longer lifespan thanks to the chlorine resistant properties of the Arena Powerskin ST2.0 fabric.

Be ambitious, and swim like your heroes with the "Signature Collection"!

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